Raggety Doll
Original cartoon design by
Abe Berry
Betty Misheiker


An introduction . . .

NewsBetty Misheiker has spent a long & successful career writing and producing a wide variety of educational material for children's programmes. She has adapted material for both Radio and TV (also Children's Theatre and Puppet Shows) and her stories and songs cover a wide range of topics, all dealing with educational subjects pertaining to children's daily lives.

"It was an enormous challenge, each week, to make a new song and story about these animals. The songs would rise out of the story and THEY HAD TO CARRY THE STORY. The music would just start singing to me. The music wasn’t the difficult thing, the lyrics were the hard part. How did the animal look?… How can I describe this animal to a child… the way it looks? How can I teach a little child about a particular animal through an individual song and THEN it has to rhyme… AND be light… not like a heavy educational lesson… but still a song that is informative to a child? My songs had to be informative and rise out of the subject matter."

In her SCHEDULE OF WORK, you will see how Betty has produced a wide range of material for many different educational programmes, aimed at Pre-School & Primary ages, as well as those in their teens. Throughout her career, Betty Misheiker has also continued to write and produce a wide range of adult plays, books and poems, several of which have won major competitions.

The popularity and recognition of Betty’s stories and songs has persistently expanded over a span of over 50 years and still, today, an enormous group of new dedicated generations continue to request education and entertainment by the magic of her material. "It is still so exciting for me, after all these years because each generation of little ones still like my same original songs".