Raggety Doll
Original cartoon design by
Abe Berry
Betty Misheiker


Storytime . . .

A small sample of one of the many stories by Betty is shown below. For more information on where you can get more of her stories - see schedule of works or contact Ilona by email

WINKY THE FISH - Story, Words & Musical effects by Betty Misheiker

Winky was a little fish, about as big as… let me see… yes, about as big as you little finger. She was a tiny little fish who lived deep, deep down in the sea. High above Winky's head, the waves went "whoosh....whooosh" as they rolled in towards the land, but under the water, where Winky lived, everything was still and quiet. All day long Winky and her friends swam around, in and out between the rocks and the seaweed that grew at the bottom of the sea. Round the many kinds of sea-flowers, they glided and back again, for all the little fish were warned not to swim too far away.

One day, as Winky was swimming along, she said to herself "I wonder....I wonder....Does the sea ever end? And if it does - what's there? I think I'll ask Mrs Oyster… She can make pearls, so she must be VERY clever." Winky swam up to Mrs Oyster and "knock-knocked" on her shell. "Hello Winky," said Mrs. Oyster as she opened her creaking door. "What can I do for you my dear?" "Please tell me Mrs. Oyster, does the sea ever end?" "Well Winky, my dear," said Mrs Oyster, "I haven't travelled much myself, to tell you the truth… but one day I heard Mrs Lobster tell Mr Crayfish that her uncle Crab and his whole family had gone to live amongst the rocks at the edge of the ocean. Now Winky, I myself truly don't believe that the sea ever ends, but if it does, it seems that what you will find is rocks! That's all I can tell you, so Goodbye!" Just as Mrs Oyster was closing her door "C-R-EA-K…" who should come swimming by… but Ellie, the Electric Eel. "Bahh!" said Ellie, "I heard what she told you!… Rocks indeed!… Shocking nonsense!" "Oh?… Well… then do you know the answer?" asked Winky. "Does the sea ever end?" "Does the sea ever end?" repeated Ellie Eel,

Hmmn-hmmn... let me see now... yes, yes, yes... I expect it does." "So what does one find at that place where the sea ends?" asked Winky. "I'm not exactly certain, Winky, but I'd say you'd find sand!" "Sand?" repeated Winky, "sand and what else?" "Sand, sand, sand and more sand… that's ALL you'll find!… Rocks indeed!… Huhh!" With a wiggle-waggle of his long body, Ellie Eel disappeared from view. "Now who is right?" wondered Winky, "Mrs Oyster or Mr Ellie Eel? I think I'll go and find Master Cod. He has a school of fish… so he ought to know." and find him she did... " Excuse me Master Cod," said Winky, "I wonder whether you can tell me, does the sea ever end?" "Oh yes… indeed it does, Little One!" said Master Cod, in his most learned manner, "Most certainly and definitely… without a doubt… but… oh, Winky, Winky… beware, for I have been told that it is most dangerous there."
"Dangerous? Really?" Winky was truly curious now. "Why is it so dangerous Master Cod?"
"Because..." said Master Cod, "At the place where the sea ends, there are lots of Fishermen!"
"Fishermen? What's Fishermen?" asked Winky. "Oh, Winky, Winky, " Master Cod, goggled his eyes at her, "it is high time you started coming to school! Fishermen are two-legged creatures who catch fish… yes… with hooks and lines and nets. Take my advice Winky… don't go near the place where the sea ends."

Mr Cod hurried back to his school of fish, leaving Winky still not quite sure what she would find… so… when she saw Zocky the Octopus moving fast in her direction, his eight tentacles streaming along at his sides, she called out "Hi there, Zocky! You do a lot of travelling, don't you?" "I do… I do!" said Zocky, "So?" "I want to know, does the sea ever end? And if it does what will I find when I reach the end?" Zocky stopped and drew his tentacles together, in deep thought for a while.. "You'll find it dry!" he said. Now Winky was really puzzled. "Dry? What's dry?" "Where the sea ends, it's dry!" said Zocky, and it's dangerous for little fish to be dry, so take my advice Winky, and stay right here - deep, deep, deep ,down in the sea." "Oh pooh… I'm not afraid of dry!" said Winky. "I'm going to find out for myself what it''s all about." And she began to swim in a straight line, without turning to the left or to the right. On and on she swam… and she swam and she swam… Now and then Winky rested for a while and nibbled at a little piece of seeweed, and then she swam… and swam… and swam again… and just as she was beginning to feel quite sure that the sea really, truly, never, NEVER ends . . .

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